ACPET 2019



Program highlights

We are pleased to announce the following speakers who will form part the comprehensive ITEC19's conference program:

  • Shelly Baker - Principal, Industryus HR 
    Understanding Your Business Culture.

    There's more to business success than having the right skills mix, the key can be found in building the right culture. Here you'll find out about what it takes to create a workplace where your team is happy, engaged, and want to play an active role in supporting everyone in the business achieve their goals.


  • Kate Carnell - Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman 
    Balancing Red Tape & Small Business. 

    Business of all sizes face government red-tape and in the education sector it's necessary to protect the interests of students; however, it can be a burden on business. Find out about the work of the Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman and their experience in helping business survive undue regulation.


  • Toni Cavallaro – National Collections Manager, NCVER
    NCVER Data As A Planning Tool.

    As you set about planning for business growth, be sure to access and interpret the data that will allow you to make informed decisions. Here you’ll find out about key NCVER data and its value to your business as a planning tool.


  • Tim Dodd - Education Editor, The Australian  
    Public and political perceptions of independent education.

    The last five years have seen the independent tertiary education system subject to intense scrutiny by government, students and the media.  This is a unique opportunity to learn what the impacts of this have been from somebody that’s studied and written about the issues that have driven the debate.


  • John Hart - Chair, Tourism Training Australia 
    Filling the gaps in the training workforce.

    Australia’s tourism and hospitality and training faces a shortfall of around 150,000 skilled workers over the next decade.  This provides opportunities for independent providers to refocus their business to provide the next generation of skilled workers.


  • Genevieve Knight - National Research Manager, NCVER
    VET and the return on investment.'

    Business, government and individuals make a considerable investment in vocational education and training, the challenge is to identify whether this is worthwhile. Find out about the data that clearly demonstrates exactly what the return on investment is.


  • Mark Mackenzie - Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association
    Reskilling the workforce and the role of micro credentials

    The skills required by employers are constantly changing as technology evolves and this requires a commitment to life-long learning by employees and their employers. Hear the views of the Council of Small Business Organisations (COSBOA) has a unique perspective on what’s required to support continual skills renewal the workforce.


  • Damien Manuel – Chair, Australian Information Security Association
    Cyber Threats To Student Data Security

    Independent tertiary education providers store a great deal of information about their students and it’s not possible to assume this is safe from cyber criminals.  In this thought-provoking presentation lean about how student databases and other sources such as email may be subject to theft and what your business can to protect itself, and your students


  • Andrew Norton – Higher Education Program Director, Grattan Institute
    Choosing between higher education and upper-level vocational education

    Hear about the Grattan Institute's research on the choice between higher education and upper-level vocational education. In some cases, vocational education could be a better career option.


  • Mark Paterson - Chief Commissioner, Australian Skills Quality Authority
    Why Minimum Standards Don't Equate to Quality

    There’s a common misconception that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) exists to protect and promote quality in the sector, but this isn’t necessarily the case. This presentation provides insights into the type of behaviour by training providers that challenges regulators and why ASQA is looking to the sector to define and self-regulate quality.


  • Nick Saunders - Chief Commissioner, Tertiary Education Quality & Standards Agency
    Fitness of purpose of the Higher Education Standards Framework for Small, Independent Providers

    It’s been suggested that the regulatory compliance framework for the higher education system is more suited to large public universities rather than boutique quality providers in the independent tertiary education sector, is this the case? Find out from the TEQSA leadership about the differences experienced in regulating public and independent providers.


  • Greg Simmons - Director, Policy and Analysis Group
    The Challenge in Regulating Dual Sector Providers

    Two systems, two sets of regulatory standards, two regulators – that’s what faces independent providers operating in the higher education and vocational training system. It’s often been suggested that one regulator could have oversight of the two systems, so this is your opportunity to find out whether such a reform is possible.


  • Michael Yacoub - Chief Executive, Advantex360
    Coaching as a business and  personal development tool

    It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day work of running a business and loose track of what’s important to you professionally and personally.  Hear from one of Australia’s leading business coaches about steps you can take to be successful and have the passion that will allow you to succeed.